Opportunities are often described as moving things

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Opportunities are often described as moving things (objects, time, vehicles etc) we have the chance to obtain or join. Look at the following examples:   Seize the day! (Take advantage of the opportunity) Don’t let the opportunity get away. Just grab the chance while you can. Take the offer before they change their mind. (It […]

Multi-Word Verb Exercise

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Multi-word verb exercise Match a verb from list A with a sentence from B that expresses the meaning of the verb. A Get across Hand over Put through Look through Ask out Chew over Let down Jot down Break off Let in Put off Make up Take in Pick out Move around   B I […]

Some not quite correct exam answers…

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  This is a compilation of authentic student GCSE answers. (GCSE is a British School exam for 16 year-olds.) It has been said that pedantry is the last refuge of the witless, and this certainly, or sadly, has been my experience. Finding mistakes amusing is a dangerous habit, in life as in teaching – it […]

Metaphors of Transport

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Metaphors of Transport Metaphors of transport can highlight challenging or good circumstances, often related to progress or direction. Here are ten examples: 1. I lost my train of thought (Train suggests connections and direction) 2. You could drive a coach and horses through his argument (His argument was so weak it provided easy opportunities for […]

Jumbled Haikus

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I’ve often used haikus as part of language classes, even though my interest in them is mainly literary. In this activity students try and ‘unjumble’ the words to create a haiku before checking their ideas with the video below. Although – or because the words are so carefully chosen, this is a lot harder than […]

Upper Street literature class

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As part of a recent Upper Street literature class we read, and watched extracts from Harold Pinter’s Old Times. We were especially interested in the way the play moves around in time, via the memories of the characters, and the complexity of their relationship to time, and one another.   In this video clip you […]