Use to develop listening comprehension

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Choose an interview or news item and set yourself the task of summarizing the main ideas/information. “All Things Considered” is a good programme to use. Try this one for example – there’s a typescript you can use to check you ideas.

Reading poems out loud for two or more voices

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Reading poems out loud for two or more voices So much educational practice is about fashion and buzzwords. Relatively little is about innovation. Most ‘new’ ideas are reworking of old ones. Adaptation is one the most useful skills to develop as a teacher. Activities and approaches may become outdated but that doesn’t always mean they […]

Worlds Apart

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Worlds Apart Activities for a short animated film. I have created a lot of lessons over the years using short animated films. Animation is engaging and visually stimulating and provides excellent materials for practicing a wide range of skills. The following lesson is one of my favourites. This lesson focuses on narrating events – Past […]