Using TV commercials

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Using TV commercials. ‘Voiceover’ This activity is a simple but highly effective and enjoyable way of working on pronunciation and intonation and drawing out the meaning of a spoken text. Materials: A TV commercial that uses a voiceover. It could be an ad with more than one voice but this can get confusing so I […]

Pros and Cons

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There are a lot of A+B expressions in English: ‘’ ‘ins and outs’ etc. They might be adverbial, adjectival or noun forms. Can you complete these sentence transformations with ‘A+B’ expressions?   1. We were worried about Jim but now we know he’s not in any danger. SOUND Jim _______________________________________________ we were worried about him. […]


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There’s a lot of good vocabulary used here describing personality and character. As a nice writing exercise, use it to write an analysis of your own or someone else’s handwriting.