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Helen Blackwood, Baroness Dufferrin (1807-1867) To My Dear Son, on his 21st Birthday, with a Silver Lamp, on which was Engraved “Fiat Lux” (1847) How shall I bless thee? Human love Is all too poor in passionate words; The heart aches with a sense above All language that the lip affords: Therefore a symbol shall […]


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Upper Street Book Club – summer reading…see you in September   BLEEDING EDGE TECHNOLOGY. You have probably heard of ‘cutting edge’ or ‘leading edge’ technology – something at the forefront, the most advanced. Well, ‘bleeding edge’ is also at the current limit of innovation and research but is risky – in terms of potential success […]

Language and Metaphor

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Progress is a Path The idea of successfully moving towards or reaching a desired destination is an obvious metaphor for progress. Good work Miriam – you’re definitely on the right track.          We have made great strides towards implementing a more effective system.          It’s slow progress but we’re getting there.          OK, it’s not […]