Containers as metaphors

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Adele Goldberg has observed that metaphors of containers can suggest obligations and agreements. Here are some examples that fit her description. – Can you get out of doing the shopping? (Avoid an obligation/something you said you would do) – I can’t get out of it/there’s no way out. – I felt I was trapped into […]

What’s the purpose of philosophy?

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Is philosophy simply harder than science? DAVID PAPINEAU     What’s the purpose of philosophy? Alfred North Whitehead characterized it as a series of footnotes to Plato. You can see his point. On the surface, we don’t seem to have progressed much in the two and a half millennia since Plato wrote his dialogues. Today’s […]

Dear all Upperstreeters

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Dear all Upperstreeters El curso 2016/2017 llega a su fin y no queremos dejar pasar la oportunidad de agradecer a todos nuestros estudiantes vuestra confianza en nosotros y vuestro entusiasta apoyo. Muchísimas gracias por elegirnos y exigirnos lo suficiente para que nos esforcemos cada día por hacerlo lo mejor posible. Es nuestro mayor deseo crear […]


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Ian McEwan nails it: “Truly, Brexit has stirred something not heroic or celebratory or generous in the nation, but instead has coaxed into the light from some dark, damp places the lowest human impulses, from the small-minded to the mean-spirited to the murderous.”