Language and Metaphor

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Progress is a Path The idea of successfully moving towards or reaching a desired destination is an obvious metaphor for progress. Good work Miriam – you’re definitely on the right track.          We have made great strides towards implementing a more effective system.          It’s slow progress but we’re getting there.          OK, it’s not […]

English in the sky

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Planes are an interesting place to think about English. They reflect changes in vocabulary due to social attitudes, the language of warnings and instructions, and the need to allay fears. The term ‘air hostess,’ is dead and buried, thank goodness. ‘Flight attendant’ rocketed to use between the 1960’s and 2000 (according to frequency sreaches) but […]

Opportunities are often described as moving things

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Opportunities are often described as moving things (objects, time, vehicles etc) we have the chance to obtain or join. Look at the following examples:   Seize the day! (Take advantage of the opportunity) Don’t let the opportunity get away. Just grab the chance while you can. Take the offer before they change their mind. (It […]

Multi-Word Verb Exercise

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Multi-word verb exercise Match a verb from list A with a sentence from B that expresses the meaning of the verb. A Get across Hand over Put through Look through Ask out Chew over Let down Jot down Break off Let in Put off Make up Take in Pick out Move around   B I […]