Some not quite correct exam answers…

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  This is a compilation of authentic student GCSE answers. (GCSE is a British School exam for 16 year-olds.) It has been said that pedantry is the last refuge of the witless, and this certainly, or sadly, has been my experience. Finding mistakes amusing is a dangerous habit, in life as in teaching – it […]

Metaphors of Transport

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Metaphors of Transport Metaphors of transport can highlight challenging or good circumstances, often related to progress or direction. Here are ten examples: 1. I lost my train of thought (Train suggests connections and direction) 2. You could drive a coach and horses through his argument (His argument was so weak it provided easy opportunities for […]

Containers as metaphors

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Adele Goldberg has observed that metaphors of containers can suggest obligations and agreements. Here are some examples that fit her description. – Can you get out of doing the shopping? (Avoid an obligation/something you said you would do) – I can’t get out of it/there’s no way out. – I felt I was trapped into […]

Pros and Cons

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There are a lot of A+B expressions in English: ‘’ ‘ins and outs’ etc. They might be adverbial, adjectival or noun forms. Can you complete these sentence transformations with ‘A+B’ expressions?   1. We were worried about Jim but now we know he’s not in any danger. SOUND Jim _______________________________________________ we were worried about him. […]