Multi-Word Verb Exercise

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Multi-word verb exercise Match a verb from list A with a sentence from B that expresses the meaning of the verb. A Get across Hand over Put through Look through Ask out Chew over Let down Jot down Break off Let in Put off Make up Take in Pick out Move around   B I […]

Upper Street literature class

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As part of a recent Upper Street literature class we read, and watched extracts from Harold Pinter’s Old Times. We were especially interested in the way the play moves around in time, via the memories of the characters, and the complexity of their relationship to time, and one another.   In this video clip you […]

Dear all Upperstreeters

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Dear all Upperstreeters El curso 2016/2017 llega a su fin y no queremos dejar pasar la oportunidad de agradecer a todos nuestros estudiantes vuestra confianza en nosotros y vuestro entusiasta apoyo. Muchísimas gracias por elegirnos y exigirnos lo suficiente para que nos esforcemos cada día por hacerlo lo mejor posible. Es nuestro mayor deseo crear […]