Jumbled Haikus

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I’ve often used haikus as part of language classes, even though my interest in them is mainly literary. In this activity students try and ‘unjumble’ the words to create a haiku before checking their ideas with the video below. Although – or because the words are so carefully chosen, this is a lot harder than […]

TV Commercial activity

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‘Snapdragon’ This activity focuses on listening and word order.   Commercials use speech to describe a product or service, provide information or depict a situation intended to draw our attention to a product’s efficacy or appeal. They often use language in short, dynamic or humorous chunks. By scripting the content and jumbling the words students […]

Why? Using a TV commercial …

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…to create a drama narration/dialogue activity. The add Suggested level – B1+ This education ministry commercial from Singapore tells the story of a young boy who does badly at school, before being motivated by his teachers who help him ask questions, gain confidence and search for solutions. Procedure: Watch the commercial once with the sound […]

Using TV commercials

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Using TV commercials. ‘Voiceover’ This activity is a simple but highly effective and enjoyable way of working on pronunciation and intonation and drawing out the meaning of a spoken text. Materials: A TV commercial that uses a voiceover. It could be an ad with more than one voice but this can get confusing so I […]