English through the Arts


The aim of this short course is to provide  engaging and stimulating topics and activities for speaking. reading and listening at C2 level.
Each session is based around an art form. Through a combination of articles, documentaries, essays, films, journalism and literary texts we will explore and discuss issues and ideas relating tp the weekly topic.
1. Photography
Iconic photos / poetry and prose insìred by photography/ Barthe’s Lucida essays/ Social and political photography / Photographers choose their best shots 
2. Music
Music and poetry / Fiction based on the lives of composers / Popular music vs high culture / The psychology of music / Films about music
3. Painting
The traditions of ekphrasis over the ages – literature about art / Reading the picture / Films and novels inspired by the lives of painters.
4. Dance
Dance and culture / Dance and politics / Films and books inspired by dance / Poems about dance

Curso 12h 190€ – Oferta especial 175€

Clase suelta 3h 50€ .       Infórmate   646 131 734