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1 year ago

BLEEDING EDGE TECHNOLOGY. You have probably heard of 'cutting edge' or 'leading edge' technology - something at the forefront, the most advanced. Well, 'bleeding edge' is also at the current limit of ... See more

1 year ago

Contact us to find out more about our August and September literature classes

1 year ago

English through the arts - a special course for advanced English - available in July, August or September.
The aim of this short course is to provide engaging and stimulating topics and activities ... See more

1 year ago

In our next Literature class we will be looking at humour in literature and discussing several questions such as:

What categories and sub-categories of humorous writing are there?
How are they ... See more

1 year ago
The Gothic

This is a very interesting short video about Gothic literature - I have written some questions to go with it so it can also be a listening comprehension exercise ... See more

Professor John Bowen discusses key motifs in Gothic novels, including the uncanny, the sublime and the supernatural. Filmed at Strawberry Hill House, Twicken...

1 year ago

Ambiguous words! Can you explain the two different meanings of these sentences?
1. From where they were standing it was possible to overlook the park.

2. The new painting was much darker than ... See more

1 year ago

This week's literature class - Poe, Jackson, Bradbury - variations of Gothic Fiction - why is it such an enduring genre, as popular today as it has ever been?

1 year ago

NGRAM stories, the expression 'strapped for cash', meaning to be short of money https://www.screencast.com/t/SR064oC2

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1 year ago

Part of next week's Literature Class will focus on Mark Twain.

1 year ago
The art of the metaphor - Jane Hirshfield

I made a gap-fill to go with this TED lesson about metaphor. Watch, enjoy and fill in the gaps.Raining __________ and __________

Waiting for the other shoe to __________

The world of new-born ... See more

How do metaphors help us better understand the world? And, what makes a good metaphor? Explore these questions with writers like Langston Hughes and Carl Sandburg, who have mastered the art of ... See more

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