Readers’ reviews


Catch 22 in XXIst Century version.
Two completely different worlds: two cultures, two languages, two perspectives constrained to coexist on the same space unseeing each other. And underneath that coexistance, a murder, a victim and a detective trapped by the most breathtaking story. China Mieville’s been to me one of the most interesting discoveries in English literature.
Carmen Alcalde

The only thing I didn’t really like about The City and The City was precisely its title. I’d rather call it Breach.
What a wonderful idea! Breach. And Crosshatching, Grosstopic, Toposomething, Copula Hall, Oversight Committee, Unseeing, Unhearing,…not an easy plot to follow, but reading this Book you feel really trapped between the city and the city, trying not to breach. This feeling stays with you after having finished the reading.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. A very complex character in a very complex novel, despite it doesn’t seem so if we talk about the plot: a «charismatic» teacher who thinks and acts «out of the box», a small group of selected students, some other odd teachers…nothing special.
But it is a «special» story, indeed. Things are not what they look like, starting with that alleged «prime».
A short novel that triggered a long debate.
Alberto Alcalde