Metaphors of Transport

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Metaphors of Transport

Metaphors of transport can highlight challenging or good circumstances, often related to progress or direction. Here are ten examples:

1. I lost my train of thought
(Train suggests connections and direction)

2. You could drive a coach and horses through his argument
(His argument was so weak it provided easy opportunities for attack)

3. The minister is hoping to ride out the allegations against him
(‘Ride out the storm’ is a common expression, the image is a boat at sea capable of surviving in bad weather)

4. She really drove a hard bargain!
(A common collocation suggesting someone who has a clear and unwavering negotiating position)

5. By half time Italy were leading 4-0 and cruising to an easy victory
(Another originally nautical image of easy progress)

6. We had a couple of problems but after than it was plain sailing
(Rather like cruising, a vessel progressing with ease)

7. The region was victim of galloping inflation in the early 90’s.
(Going fast and accelerating)

8. We made a few mistakes but we’re definitely on the right track.
(Going in the right direction)

9. He launched into a vicious verbal attack on his critics.
(Begin in an aggressive manner)

10. They rocketed to fame with the success of their first album.
(Became famous very quickly)

Can you think of any other ‘transport metaphors’? If so, please add them to the comments section.

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